“The world wide YL Meeting 2004 in Seoul, Korea”

The Korea Ladies’ Amateur Radio Club (KLARC) will hold “The world wide YL Meeting 2004 in Seoul, Korea” from 8 to 11October 2004.

YLs and OMs from all over the world are invited to “The Land of the Morning Calm“, South Korea.

The world wide YL Meeting first started in Stockholm, Sweden in 1991. Following the initial occurrence, the meeting took place every 2-3 years in Osaka, Japan (1993), Berlin, Germany (1996), Svalbard, Norway (1998), Hamilton, New Zealand (2000), and in Sicily, Italy (2002).

This is a terrific opportunity for the YL to gather in a new country and enjoy each other’s friendship. We will exchange QSL Cards, information, thoughts, ideas, and share each of our cultures and history. The conference will give us all an opportunity to interact with our neighbors from around the world, and achieve true mutual understanding between our nations and people. Your attendance will enhance and develop our sense of world community.

We have a special operation with special call sign in this period. Our diversity and perspective will make this wonderful and unforgettable, 2004, YL Festival.

“73 & 88!!!”

May 2003

The world wide YL Meeting 2004 in Seoul, Korea
Organizing Chairman HL2KDW, Chae, Do Sook

2004 World wide YL Meeting in Seoul

Date : 8 Oct – 11 Oct 04
12 Oct – 15 Oct 04 (Optional Tour)

Location : Capital Hotel in Seoul
Gyongju city
Jeju Island

Participants : 20 Countries, 170 participants

Host Organization : Korea Ladies Amateur Radio Club (KLARC)

Management : KLARC, Korea Technic Co., KDXC, Alpha Club

Under the Sponsorship : SK TELECOM

Committee POC:






Chae, Do Sook




Yun, In Sook




Kang, Sun Ja




Lee, Eun Kyong




Nam, Woo Jeong




Kim, Tae Sook




Pak, Chong Soon



DS2CFQ, Nam, Hyun Ok



How are you? Dear friends!!

Only 6 weeks left for the YL meeting in October.
Hot summer and rainy season has passed and now nice cool and blue sky
weather is coming...
These days, we enjoyed the Olympic games in athenes on TV.
But I think our meeting will be more fun and exciting...
Only we have to take care of our health condition for your long travel..

1. We'd like to make a small program book for the meeting. Please send
your message (5-10 lines) for the book with your photos by mail.

2. Please give the information of your radio license class type by mail.

3. When you come to Korea, bring your license copy for the special operation.

4. Special Callsign is changed from DT0YL to DT04YL. (The government
issued the changed callsign due to the regulation (special activity not club station).

5. Operation Period is from 6 Oct- 16 Oct 04.

6. QSL Card Manager is HL1OYF or HL1SFX.

7. Please give your arrival date and time and Air Flight Number.

8. We will make a commermorative stamp for the 2004 WWYL Meeting in Seoul.

Good Luck!!


How are you ? My friends!
Now is the end of April and May is coming. Soon it be full of the fragrance
of beautiful flowers.
I know you have waited for a long time news and information of 2004 YL
Meeting from Seoul. And I know you have many questions and worries about
our YL Meeting.
Questions you might be asking.
Good hotel accommodation for a cheap price?
Confirmation of sending and receiving the money thru the Bank to hl2kdw?
Is the weather too hot or cold in October?
Who will pick me up at the airport?
SARS, Nuclear, and bird flew, safety, security?

Please, don’t worry about that…...

1. Seoul is a safe place to walk on the street even at midnight…

2. 2004 YL Meeting club special call sign is DT0YL

3. Please bring your license copy for your operation.

4. Temperature is 15-25C in October,

5. You might want to bring a light jacket and sweater with tennis shoes…

6. If you want to brief something about an expedition or some activity, we

will give 10-20 minutes for you. Please bring a diskette or CD. No adapter

7. Electric is 220V in Korea

8. At the final party we will have each countries traditional event, so
prepare for that.

9. A very important thing is the next YL Meeting location; think about one
and give the information to me.

10. Please pay the 2004 YL Meeting fee by June; the earlier, the better…

We, Korean YLs are looking forward to seeing you all. Best 73 and 88!!

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