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JUN 1984 : Founded in the spirit of "Small but effective, poor but freshness".
1st president : HL1ATL
JUN 1985 : Held a prize contest for the draft of KLARC award.
HL1AVE won the prize.
JUN 1985 : 1st YL Field Day (Taenung Greenpark)
NOV 1985 : HL1IFG won the KLARC award following by HL1AVL and HL4CAN.
2nd president : HL1RE, 3rd president : HL1ASD
JUN 1986 : 2nd YL Field Day (Taenung Greenpark)
DEC 1986 : YL's Night.
JUN 1987 : 3rd YL Field Day (Daebangdong Boramae Park)
APR 1993 : Held "93 ASIAN YL MEETING" in Osaka, Japan. (9 Korean YL members attened.)
JUN 1993 : Published 1st "KLARC NEWS"
APR 1994 : 4th president : HL1KDW
Published 2nd "KLARC NEWS"
11 JUN 1994 : Held " '94 YL Field Day" in Sorak Mt.
OCT 1994 : Published 3rd "KLARC NEWS"
10 Jun 1995 : Held "95 YL Field Day" in horse race course in Gwachon city, Kyongki-Do.
25 Apr 1996 : 5th president : HL1MEZ
20~23 Jun 1996 : Held "The World-Wide YL Meeting '96 in Berlin, Germany.
(7 Korean members attended.)
Ssp 1996 : Held " '96 YL Field Day" in Chonan city, Chungnam.
14 Jun 1997 : Held " '97 YL Field Day" in horse race course in Gwwchon city, Kyongki-Do.
(Managed by federation, Hosted by KLARC)
21 Mar 1998 : 6th president : HL2DBF
13~14 Jun 1998 : Held " '98 YL Field Day" in Sokcho city, Kangwon-do.
4 Dec 1998 : Held " YL's Night" (Sadangdong,Seoul)
12 Jun 1999 : Held " YL Field Day" (Hosted by Suwon Mugungwha Net.)
3 Dec 1999 : Held " YL's Night" (Sagakhanul restaurant in Yangpyong, Kyongki-do)
Published "KLARC 1999"
18 Mar 2000 : 7th president : HL2OWL
10 Jun 2000 : Held " YL Field Day" (Catholic University in Buchon city, Kyongki-do)
28 Sep-1 Oct 2000: International YL 2000 Hamilton-NewZealand" (6 members attended)
14-15 Jul: "YL Field Day 01" Dogye, Samchuk city, Kangwon do
1 Dec 01: "YL's Night" OB Stadium, Yongsan Itaewon.
20-24 Jun 02: "2002 International YL Meeting" in Palermo, Sicily

This club represents the Korean Ladies Amateur Radio Clubs, and we maintain our membership by the communication between members, foreign amateur operators, public service, and, etc. We introduce Korean history and tradition to foreigners so that we can help them understand about our country and culture. This club was organized in 1984 and holds activities annually and participates in international events which are held every other year.

Organized in JUN 1984.
Held a prize contest for the draft of KLARC Award in 1985.
Started 1st YL Field Day at Taenung Green Park.

Later, we held following the YL Field Days at Boramae park, Sokcho, Chonan, Gwachon Horse race field, the terrace land on the Han river, Suwon, Catholic University in Buchon, and Dogye in Gangwon-do through Jul 2001.

We hold a YL's Night for a "Let's help needy neighbors" fundraising every December, and at the destruction spot of Sampoong department store, we assisted the Red Cross in identifying victims find the names of the dead, and volunteered at the Sokcho EXPO in 1997,

At the Asian YL Meeting held in Osaka, Japan, 11 Korean members participated in the meeting, and 6 members in the International YL Meeting held in Berlin, Germany.

At the "2000 YL Meeting" held in Hamilton, New Zealand, 170 people from 17 countries participated and 6 members from KLARC joined.

From 20 to 24 on JUN 2002, 6 members from KLARC took part in the world -wide meeting held in Palermo city, Sicily, and they declared the inducement of International YL Meeting in Seoul, Korea in 2004. Now it is under preparation but it is expected that more than 300 people from 25 countries will participate in the meeting including Southeast Asia. So, we need support and assistance from governmental organizations in many ways.

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